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Studio Microphones

Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-C01
Samson's C01 has all the performance features that you demand from a large diaphragm studio condenser microphone. It's the perfect solution for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and for use as and overhead drum mic. Featuring a large, dual-layer 19mm diaphragm with a cardioid pickup patt..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-C03
The dual-diaphragm Samson CO3 has all the performance features that you demand from a large-diaphragm (19 mm) studio condenser mic; smooth vocal reproduction with rich, warm bass and an extended top end; detailed and transparent response throughout the frequency range with absolutely no harshness..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-C01U-PRO
Samson C01U Pro In 2005, Samson introduced the world’s first USB studio condenser microphone, the C01U. Today, we're expanding on its revolutionary design with the new C01U Pro. Now with a headphone output for zero-latency monitoring and an improved signal-to-noise ratio, the C01U Pro ensures..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-C02C
Samson C02 The Samson C02C offers a small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone — ideal for both studio and stage use. With their sensitive, low-mass elements and high SPL handling, the C02C microphone excel at recording every nuance of sources such as drums, piano, cymbals, and acoustic in..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-C03U
Samson C03U Following the success of the C01U, Samson presents the C03U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser Microphone. Based on the extremely popular C03 mic, the C03U delivers pristine audio quality with enhanced capabilities, including a high quality A/D converter and USB output.  ..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-C05CL
Samson C05CL The Samson C05 handheld condenser has been added to the ConcertLine Series. It's great for obtaining studio quality vocals for live performance. The C05 features a 19mm multi-axis shock mounted capsule, condenser optimized cardioid pickup pattern, gold plated XLR connection and 4..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-CM12C
Samson CM12C The CM12C is a miniture condenser microphone designed to hang directly over a choir or orchestra. The steel hanging positioning bracket places the condenser element in the proper position to properly capture the performance. Features Miniature hanging Choir Microphone ..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-C01850
Samson CO1850 Great for recording vocals, acoustic instruments and for use as overhead drum mics, the new Samson C01 large diaphragm condenser microphone is accurate, detailed, and smooth with warm bass and extended top end.   This sturdy microphone has a large 19mm diaphragm pro..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-GOMIC
Samson GOMIC Further expanding on the already diverse line of USB microphones, Samson has created the Go Mic as a versatile computer-based miking and recording solution.   Because of its custom compact design, the Go Mic can clip right onto your laptop or sit unobtrusively on you..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-GOMIC-DIRECT
Samson GOMIC Direct Samson's Go Mic Connect Portable Stereo USB Microphone is one of the most advanced audio solutions for computer recording, as well as VoIP and speech-to-text communication. Combining Focused Pattern Technology and Active Noise Cancellation, the Go Mic Connect creates a uni..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-METEORMIC
Samson Meteor Mic Meteor Mic is the universal solution for recording music on your computer. Perfect for your home studio, Meteor Mic is also ideal for Skype, iChat or voice recognition software. With Meteor Mic, you can make incredible recordings that are out of this world.Producing rich aud..
Brand: Samson Model: SAMS-METEORITE
Samson Meteorite Samson's Meteorite is the universal solution for capturing high-quality recordings on your computer. Meteorite is ideal for podcasting, creating audio for YouTube videos and recording music on your favorite software or apps. This sleek microphone will also vastly improve your..
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