Sonuus Loopa- The World's First Looper Microphone

Sonuus Loopa- The World's First Looper Microphone

A looper microphone works just like a normal microphone, but lets you record what you sing, replay it in a loop and sing over it.

- Beatboxing is very cool, but takes years to perfect.
- Acappella singing is beautiful, but you can't do harmonies on your own.
- With the Loopa you will be knocking out beatbox rhythms faster than ever before, and performing complete acappella songs before you know it.

The Loopa makes it super-easy to record a loop and sing over it.
This lays the foundations for a great performance.

- Beatboxers create complex rhythms by quickly making different sounds.
- This is hard to do, and takes a lot of practice.
- Using the Loopa you can record a simple beat and loop it.
- Then add more sounds on top of it. Very quickly you end up with a complex rhythm.
- As a beginner, it's a great way to start beatboxing.
- As an accomplished artist, it lets you expand your performance even further.

But the Loopa isn't just for singers. If you can make a noise, you can loop it. Hit it, bang it, loop it!

- Sing, Beatbox, Harmonise, AcappellaRecord: record your voice for up to 13 minutes
- Play: play back your recording in a loop and sing over it
- Overdub: record over the loop again, building your song up in layers
- Undo & Redo: remove and restore layers to edit your song as you go
- Stop: stop playback and use Loopa as a regular microphone

- Cardioid condenser vocal microphone
- Built-in low-noise pre-amplifier
- High-integrity looper engine
- 32-bit floating point audio processing
- 13 minute loop time
- Multi-level undo/redo
- Ergonomic design

- Awesome Loopa microphone
- Carry Case
- Microphone cable (XLR to 6.35mm jack)
- 6.35mm to 3.5mm jack adapter

- 1 x AA 1.5V battery

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