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School Intercom System

School Intercom System
School Intercom System
School Intercom System
School Intercom System
School Intercom System
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  • Model: SCH-INT1

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Our new school intercom system is available as a 30, 60 or 90 line unit.
Up to 30 Substations require 1 Call back Card installed in the system
Up to 60 Substations require 2 Call back Cards installed in the system
Up to 90 Substations require 3 Call back Cards installed in the system

Just Choose how many Classroom substations you require.

And if you require an additional Master Handset

 It combines the latest digital microprocessor control technologies with a class leading audio amplifier section; the result is a fully electronic exchange with many features not found on other school intercom systems, not even at three times the price.

The  exchange consists of the following sections. Enclosure, Central processing unit (CPU), Sub cards, Power supply (PSU) and the cable termination area. 
The CPU card is the work horse of the system and consists of the following sections:  Central processing unit (CPU), Digital signal processor (DSP), audio amplifier, non volatile memory, tone generator, real time clock, data logger, voltage regulators and protection monitoring and control of over voltage and over temperature events.

It is designed for wall mounting for space conservation.
It is less than half the size of comparable systems on the market. 
 Height = 375mm, Width = 400mm and Depth = 105mm

The Central processing unit (CPU)
The CPU takes care of all the users dialing requirements, ensuring that the correct extension numbers are selected on individual calls, group calls and all call.
Any of the 5 pre-announcement tones can be selected.
The CPU can accommodate up to 6 different group calls. (Dial 901 to 906)
Any substation can be included or excluded when a exclusive all-call is made (Dial 998)
All substations are included when a full all-call is made. (Dial 999)

The built in real time clock
Used to ring the school bell at preset times
Any substation can be included or excluded when the period bell rings
The CPU can also activate external mechanical bells or sirens
Any of the 5 period bell tones can be selected
3 different time tables can be entered
Over 20 000 bell times can be saved
The bell ring duration is adjustable from 1 to 99 seconds
Battery backup ensures time is kept in the event of a power failure.
The bells can be manually triggered (Dial 995)

The system can easily be added onto at a later stage, by adding on additional substations (up to 90 substations) and call back cards.