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Power Amplifiers
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Hybrid B1200 Power Amplifier B1200 MK5

Hybrid B1200 MK5 8Ohm Stereo Power ,RMS/CH 400W 4Ohm Stereo Power ,RMS/CH 600W 8Ohm B..


Hybrid B1600 Power Amplifier B1600 MK5

Hybrid B1600 MK5   8Ohm Stereo Power ,RMS/CH 500W 4Ohm Stereo Power ,RMS/C..


Hybrid B2200 Power Amplifier B2200 MK5

8Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 700W4Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 1100W8Ohm Bridged Mono Power, RMS: 2100..


Hybrid B4000 Power Amplifier B4000 MK5

8Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 1300W 4Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 2000W 8Ohm Bridged Mono Power, RMS: ..


Hybrid B600 Power Amplifier B600 MK5

8Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 195W4Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 285W8Ohm Bridged Mono Power, RMS: 570WF..


Hybrid B900 Power Amplifier B900 MK5

8Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 290W4Ohm Stereo Power, RMS/CH: 430W8Ohm Bridged Mono Power, RMS: 860WF..


Samson Audio SERVO 120A Power Amplifier 60W RMS

Ideal for powering near field monitors or installation sound, the new Servo 120a provides you wit..


Samson Audio SERVO 200 Power Amplifier 100W RMS

Perfect for installation sound, the servo 200 is ideal for powering small to medium sized speaker..


Samson Audio SERVO 300 Power Amplifier 150W RMS

The Servo 300 is a great choice for powering a small to medium sized PA, or an intergrated confer..


Samson Audio SERVO 600 Power Amplifier 300W RMS

The Servo 600 is ideal for larger applications where added power is needed to drive multiple spea..


Samson MXS2800 Professional Power Amplifier

Samson's MXS2800 Professional Power Amplifier is designed to deliver premium power in any so..


Samson SXD3000 Proffesional Power Amplifier

Samson SXD3000 Samson's SXD3000 Power Amplifier combines impressive power with advanced DSP t..


Samson SXD5000 Professional Power Amplifier

Samson SXD5000 Samson's SXD5000 Power Amplifier combines impressive power with advanced DSP t..


Samson SXD7000 professional Power Amplifier

Samson SXD7000 Samson's SXD7000 Power Amplifier combines impressive power with advanced DSP t..


Wharfedale CPD-1600 Power Stereo Amplifier

  Wharfedale CPD-1600   The CPD1600 is part of Wharfedale Pro’s lates..