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Versatile mixing with computer integration.
M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel mixer. This club-style design not only works 
with any standard audio sources including turntables and CD players, but it also has a 
USB computer connection. When connected to your Mac or PC, the plug-and-play connection 
empowers you to mix in audio in from music-player software and record your sets into 
virtually any audio recording application.
You will enjoy a complete range of performance essentials in M6, including three-band EQ 
and LED metering per channel. M6 has a replaceable crossfader with slope control, and you 
can assign any channel to either side of the crossfader.
You can talk over the mix with M6’s dedicated XLR microphone channel and a secondary mic 
input on channel four. And for the best possible sound, M6 has balanced outputs.
Get all the flexibility of a four-channel mixer plus the power of computer connection with M6.
Features :
Four input channels, each with gain, three-band EQ, and LED metering
USB computer connection for playing and recording with Mac or PC
Play music from music-player software
Record your mix to your computer
Multiple phono, line, and mic inputs
Dedicated XLR mic channel and additional mic input on channel 4
Replaceable crossfader with slope control
Assign any channel to either side of the crossfader
Class Compliant: this product is immediately compatible with every current and 
future version of Mac OS X and iOS and with Windows (98SE and up) operating systems.
Includes :
M6 USB Mixer
Power Cable
Quickstart Guide
Specs :
Weight : 9.6 lbs
Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.625" x 14.2"5" x 4"

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