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Megaphone / Handheld 25W Talk, Siren, MP3 Player and Record

This user-friendly Megaphone offers 25 watts of power and sound coverage of 500m. This compact ye..

R995 R795

Megaphone / Loudhailer 45W with Siren & Detachable Mic

Megaphone / Loudhailer / Bullhorn 45W with Siren & Detachable Microphone This 45-Wat..

R1,950 R1,695

Bluetooth Powered Ceiling Speaker kit 6.5" Round 2-way Co-Axial (Pair)

Amplified Bluetooth Ceiling Speaker Set (no amplifier required)     Pro..

R1,795 R1,395

DM25 Mixer-Amp with USB/FM and Bluetooth® 25W

Description 100V line mixer-amp with digital amplifier in a compact housing. Onboard audio pl..

R1,595 R1,295

PA Amplifier 30W with USB/FM, 100V and Bluetooth

CM30B  Compact 30W 100v Mixer Amplifier With Bluetooth 30W 100V Mixer amplifier with USB..

R3,795 R2,695

Hybrid B1600 MK5 Power Amplifier

Hybrid B1600 MK5   8Ohm Stereo Power ,RMS/CH 500W 4Ohm Stereo Power ,RMS/C..

R5,990 R4,500